Throwback Thursday: The Eastern Motors Jingle

Residents in the DMV area have grown quite accustom to the Eastern Motors jingle over the years. Calling on the likes of famous Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals, and Washington Wizards, Eastern Motors has had a strong showing of local athletes sing their iconic phrase “At Eastern Motors, your jobs your credit.” In one … More Throwback Thursday: The Eastern Motors Jingle

Throwback Thursday: McDonald’s Presents “Lip Read”

After squaring off in Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco teamed up with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a pair of McDonalds commercials introducing the fast-food powerhouse’s new Mighty Wings. In a spin-off from “The Showdown,” McDonalds famous spot where Larry Bird challenges Michael Jordan for a Big Mac, Flacco and … More Throwback Thursday: McDonald’s Presents “Lip Read”

Throwback Thursday: Nike Golf Presents “Ripple”

  Before the 2015 Masters Nike released this iconic commercial featuring Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy. The commercial, dubbed as a Nike Golf film, was well received due to its flawless storytelling of a young Mcllroy witnessing the beginning of Tiger’s reign in professional golf. Nike went in depth to explain the choice of the … More Throwback Thursday: Nike Golf Presents “Ripple”