Pepsi Presents “Phone Number”

Pepsi has recently taken full advantage of the hype surrounding Antonio Brown that has followed him since his record-breaking season last year. In its most recent commercial, Pepsi looks to associate the feeling of scoring a touchdown to that of scoring a phone number.

Pepsi – You may not be a huge football star like Antonio Brown, but we bet getting that phone number is just as great as scoring a touchdown. Time to celebrate! #BreakOutThePepsi

In the spot Lucas stumbled through getting Katy’s number and then turned to open up a Pepsi to reward himself. But just as Lucas went to drink the refreshment, he projects that this feeling must “be what Antonio Brown feels like when he dancing in the end zone.” It then cuts to Brown, showing off his signature touchdown celebration moves, projecting that “this must be how Lucas felt when he finally got Katy’s number.”

In addition to taking advantage of the hype surrounding Brown through the commercial, Pepsi took advantage of his reach on social media by having him retweet their ads to his 634,000 followers.

Pepsi creatively tailored their ads for twitter leading to successfully capturing the attention they were looking for on this specific social media platform.



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