Kia Presents “Tecmo Bo” and “Tecmo Bros”

Kia looks to arouse nostalgia from one of Nintendo’s classic video games, Tecmo Bowl, while introducing its 2017 Kia Sorento. The South Korean automobile manufacturer turns to the likes of the Tecmo Bowl legend, Bo Jackson, in its first spot “Tecmo Bo.”

Kia – Tecmo Bo Jackson scores his longest, most unstoppable touchdown run yet thanks to the 2017 Kia Sorento with All-Wheel Drive. Watch this football pro completely dominate Tecmo Bowl and prove his undeniable MVP status.

In the spot, highlighting the Sorento’s fully active all-wheel drive, Jackson portrays some of his superhero-like abilities that were showcased in the actual Tecmo Bowl game back in the late 80’s. The commercial takes the shear dominance of Jackson and combines it with the “MVP of SUV’s” which creates an unstoppable tandem.

In the next spot, “Tecmo Bros,” Jackson is reunited with an old adversary that stands between him and a touchdown.

Kia – Tecmo Bo Jackson finally stops for a moment, thanks to Autonomous Emergency Braking, as an old adversary, Brian Bosworth, steps between him and the end zone. Watch these two legends face off to determine the true MVP in a game of Tecmo Bowl.

In the spot, highlighting the Sorento’s autonomous emergency braking, Jackson is met yet again in a showdown with Brian Bosworth, only this time Jackson decides not to run his adversary over on his way to the end zone.

In these two spots Kia was able to play on the memories of the kids that were once Tecmo Bowl players who are now the demographic that are potential Sorento drivers by creatively infusing the SUV with their classic childhood game.


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