Throwback Thursday: McDonald’s Presents “Lip Read”

After squaring off in Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco teamed up with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a pair of McDonalds commercials introducing the fast-food powerhouse’s new Mighty Wings.

In a spin-off from “The Showdown,” McDonalds famous spot where Larry Bird challenges Michael Jordan for a Big Mac, Flacco and Kaepernick hold a throwing competition for Mighty Wings.

While the two quarterbacks make light of the power outage fiasco from the Super Bowl in the first ad, the second ad turns to a viral youtube video of intentional bad lip readings from NFL players for its inspiration.

In this clever rendition of a bad lip reading video, McDonalds took clips from both teams and spun them along the theme that “players can’t stop talking about McDonald’s new Mighty Wings.” From Kapernick’s scream to Flacco’s mustache, this spot did well tying in the style of bad lip reading videos while also playing an angle appropriate for a commercial.


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