NFL on Xbox Presents “People Skills”

Just in time for the start of the NFL season, Microsoft released its latest commercial introducing the new Xbox One S. Partnering with the NFL, Microsoft decided in using players who have distinguished personas portrayed through the media, both good and bad, in the following ad titled “People Skills.”

Xbox, the official game console of the NFL, went into further detail as to its decision to incorporate the league in the branding of the Xbox One S.

XboxThe new Xbox One S provides NFL fans and players with the ultimate games and 4K entertainment experience. And with Xbox Live, you can play your favorite games like Madden NFL 17 on the fastest and most reliable console gaming network. Connect with the gaming and NFL community like never before. 

The players were asked to work on their people skills by connecting with the gaming community while playing Madden NFL 17 on Xbox Live. Russell Wilson (unable to shake off his loss to Julia) and Von Miller (resorting to his “strip-sack Miller” tactic) struggled with connecting with the gaming community. Much to our surprise the NFL’s most notorious dirty player, Ndamukong Suh, made it look easy while getting dominated by Dolores (“Wooh that’s old school domination son). Marshawn Lynch, who has shown us he is media shy, ends the spot by expressing that “Ya’ll need to work on ya’ll people skills.”


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