Foot Locker Presents “It’s Real Now” and “Swap”

Over the course of the summer Foot Locker has been busy releasing commercials. In the first spot “It’s Real Now,” Ben Simmons is greeted by young superstars who have recently been in his shoes.

Foot Locker called on the likes of Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker and D’Angelo Russell to give the number one pick from the 2016 NBA draft advice on how to handle the transition in becoming a professional athlete. As Simmons will soon learn, it comes with many twists and turns which is personified through Russell’s aggressive advice to get rid of his phone altogether (Russell learned the hard way from his beef with Swaggy P).

In the next spot “Swap,” Kyrie Irving chats up a young fan and is left questioning a popular app on his phone.

Safe to say Kyrie got the short end of the deal with that particular face swap.


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