Yeezy Season Kicks Off the Return of Football

Adidas and Kanye West decided to test the waters with their brand new Yeezy Boost cleats by surprising Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller with the first pair. Miller took it to it social media to break the news on his latest present from Yeezus himself.

Social media was quick to judge the cleats, pointing out that they resembled a pair of moon boots that Miller owns. It appears as though Miller, one of many Adidas athletes in the NFL, was hooked up with the one and only pair because of his not so glamorous run-in with Kanye during the offseason. Miller was captured on the NFL’s Snapchat account sporting the highly fashionable yet questionably practical cleats before last night’s game against Carolina.

While Miller was the first to receive Yeezy cleats, now identified as the cleat version of the Yeezy Boost 750, DeAndre Hopkins and Adrian Peterson have recently been hooked up themselves. Although Miller may have been first to the party, Hopkins and Peterson were given a much more appealing low-cut cleat version of the Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove” that has been unanimously picked as the better option.

Regardless, the NFL’s long awaited return will be sharing the spotlight with the resurgence of Yeezy season.



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