Throwback Thursday: Nike Golf Presents “Ripple”


Before the 2015 Masters Nike released this iconic commercial featuring Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy. The commercial, dubbed as a Nike Golf film, was well received due to its flawless storytelling of a young Mcllroy witnessing the beginning of Tiger’s reign in professional golf.

Nike went in depth to explain the choice of the films title:

NikeExtraordinary athletes serve as idols to the next generation. Their greatness inspires, and in turn, the inspired become role models themselves. Tiger Woods idolized Jack Nicklaus. Rory McIlroy looked up to Tiger Woods. And now, Woods and McIlroy compete side by side as they fuel the dreams of sport’s future greats. It’s a ripple effect.

Tiger and Mcllroy are shown, while at different points in their journey, chasing the idol that “fueled their dreams.” By using the iconic clips of an untouchable Tiger in his inspiring dominance, and the reenactments of Mcllroy in his endless determination of one day being able to compete against his idol, the ad plays to the soft spot in every sports fans heart that at some point carried the same dream.

From someone that is rumored to have been able to hit a 40-yard drive at the age of just two, presumably using his trusty plastic nine iron, it is not surprising that Mcllroy’s journey came full circle. After seeing Tiger for the first time in person while winning the Masters in his hometown in Northern Ireland, the ad ends in the present where both Tiger and Mcllroy tee off together, as two of the greatest professional golfers in the world.

P.S. All of this thinking about Mcllroy in 2015 reminds me of the Wozniacki curse. I am still a firm believer that she had some sorcery brewing that led to her ex-fiancé shooting a 43 on the back nine in the second round.










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